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Here, you may find the services and products we offer. Go ahead and take a look, browse through our media and streaming solutions via tha Video Works button, or our multi-platform application development solutions via the Applications button.

Video Works


Live Streaming

The technology needed to broadcast professional and high quality video is no longer reserved for major TV networks! Instead, our in-house product Cloudtivi's accessible and userfriendly platform allows ANYONE with a camera and an Internet connection to broadcast live events and share them with an audience of unlimited size.

Content Management

With our state-of-the-art content management system, you can manage your content, update metadata, create categories and playlists, add thumbnails, moderate comments, schedule content availability, rapidly and with ease!

Omni-Platform App Templates

The Cloudtivi App SDK provides the tools you need to accelerate development of highly interactive video app experiences. The fully-supported and -documented SDK includes a sample application, libraries for accessing and playing your media and full reporting capabilities.

Web Site Templates

If you would like to use our media services and products to stream media on your already blazingly brilliant website, that's great! But if you would like to avoid to hassle of planning, designing, developing and maintaining a website, we take care of that too! We provide website templates that would fit your media based endavour like a glove!


Originate live streams from cities around the world, always serving media from the location ideal for each viewer. Streaming video hosting from dozens of cities around the world including Istanbul and Ankara, reduce bandwidth costs with bandwidth throttling, adaptive bit rates, and intelligent random access.

Streaming To End-Users

Sit back and watch as we stream your beautiful media content effortlessly to every end-user's PC, handheld device, Smart TV, kiosk, or any other supported platform. You name it, we'll deliver it!

Content Ingestion and Editing

Our automated content ingestion and editing systems make adding and managing content a breeze! May you prefer operating by yourself via our fully automated content ingestion and management systems or letting our experienced content operation team handle all for you, we offer either solution, as you wish!

Android Applications

With a total of 22 apps already on the Google Play Store and millions of downloads, we love and embrace the open-source, mega-rapidly growing sensation that is Android OS, and develop apps for it with care and expertise. We also are proud to tell you that we are a Premium Application Development Partner of Samsung Electronics and that our Exclusive VOD Android Application SFilm has already been downloaded around 1.5 million times on Google Play Store!

iOS Applications

With a 5-year experience, we've developed a total of 14 Top Rated iOS Applications that have been download over 2 million times. We develop iOS Apps that are reponsive, slick and iOS 6 compatible.

SmartTV Applications

We are the leading Smart TV App development company in Turkey, with partnerships with brands like Samsung Electonics, LG Electronics, Vestel and Philips. With a total of 30 Smart TV Applications and more than 500K downloads, we are the market leader, and quite frankly, we enjoy it very much!

Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 Applications

We became Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 Development Partners with Microsoft, a year before the platform's launch. With that headstart, we've developed a total of 7 Windows 8 applications, with more than 100K downloads. We are a Premium Partner of Microsoft and the market leader in the field.


Our own product SFilm reaches 2.000.000 downloads!

Motiwe releases SmartTV Apps for TEB!

FOX International Channels goes with Motiwe to develop their Philips SmartTV App!

Video Works
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